Advanced Capabilities Group

Modern Adversaries



ACG is a team of security experts dedicated to thinking like the adversaries. We specialize in adversarial-based attack modeling, simulation and offensive capability development, helping organizations to better understand their vulnerabilities and develop their security programs. We become the worst adversary so that our clients can become more secure and resilient in the process.

WE Challenge

Like an adversary, we identify patterns that create vulnerabilities. We observe, learn and expose the gaps in technology, policies, plans and how people affect them.

We challenge established procedures. 
From purely theoretical to real, we specialize in covert digital intrusions, physical security assessments and human hacking. 




Development Programs. Our team of seasoned professionals offer tailored, practical, experience-based presentations, seminars and workshops about the adversarial mindset: thinking like an attacker. Both short and long range development programs designed to target all levels of leadership, presenting keynotes rich with examples that your organization can immediately apply. We teach based on experience, not on theory. We distill lessons learned from past projects and your own experiences, and present them in a way that your organization can immediately apply.

The adversarial mindset provides a unique approach to view problems, in a way that allows you to be several steps ahead, effectively being ready and becoming more resilient.

ACG can help develop and train your own red and blue teams as well, instituting continuous capabilities stress testing so your organization is prepared and confident in the face of today's evolving security landscape. 

High Level Adversarial Assessment. Whether you have a large network and digital footprint, or your organization needs to understand the gaps in security on a physical installation, our security experts, observe, learn, and assess who the potential adversaries are, and how they can exploit the vulnerabilities in your organization.  

The physical security assessments range from simple security site surveys, to full site security defense building. The digital assessments can take the form of simple technology mapping to identify architectural issues, to a full reconnoissance and vulnerability enumeration. Human assessments touch your employees digital exposure and readiness. The result is an actionable report that can bring your security to the next level.

These assessments also include full defense in depth perimeter building for schools, public places and office buildings, where prevention, monitoring and detection of active shooters, terrorists and other forms of violent adversaries is needed.


Our Team


We are a team of security experts with over 30 years of combined experience in Red Teaming, offensive security, and intelligence.

Our backgrounds are in the military, the intelligence community, high tech, and physical security worlds. We operate like the real adversaries. We research organizations to simulate the worst case scenario. Our work probes any and all possible attacks and acts on solid intelligence.

With decades of working in highly capable small teams, we offer the unique advantage of being nimble and focused.

We adapt. We deliver. Always.

An Extensive Network

ACG has a network of professional security practitioners. From digital security experts with years of experience in the private and government sectors, former special operations personnel specializing in physical security, to SMEs in security best practices, policies and business continuity.

This team provides a level of security services across the world, bringing your organization to a higher state of security resilience.

We work with you

Our services are designed to protect you, and your organization. We work together with your leadership to create a robust and resilient program. Your interests are our interests.

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