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The Advanced Capabilities Group enables organizations to understand worse-case-scenario by providing a realistic view of their adversaries, mitigation strategies, and deliver better tools to understand their threat footprint.

ACG offers a different approach to security. At its core, it is an essential collection of services that are designed to create resiliency, to know better the environment where your organization operates in, and to better be prepared to handle the unknown. ACG sets a new standard of adversarial thinking and its application to the entire organization. From the core values and culture, to the people, the technology, and its location.
The Group’s human and technical expertise, relentless attention to detail, and ability of mimicking the worst case scenarios, provide a simple, yet effective way to be ahead of the attackers. Technical assessments come only after organizational and human evaluations are performed, and, simply put, is an expression of purpose: learn, and simulate what the attackers are already doing.

The Advanced Capabilities Group was founded on this philosophy, and since its creation, this view of security has driven the relentless pursuit of techniques innovation, and leading-edge understanding of the different adversaries.

Who is ACG

We are a team of security experts with over 40 years of combined experience in Red Teaming, offensive security, and intelligence. Our backgrounds are in the military, the intelligence community, high tech, and physical security worlds. We operate like the real adversaries. Our work probes any and all possible attacks and acts on solid intelligence.

With decades of working in highly capable small teams, we offer the unique advantage of being nimble and focused.

We adapt. We deliver. Always.

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