We offer practical presentations, and workshops about the adversarial mindset

These development programs are designed to target all levels of leadership. Our team of experts bring examples rich with real-life experiences - we teach based on our decades of experience, not on theory. We distill lessons learned from past projects or your own experiences, and present them in a way that your organization can immediately apply.

The adversarial mindset delivers a unique approach to view problems, current and future, in a way that allows you to be several steps ahead, effectively being ready and becoming more resilent.

Our work is always tailored to your group. We can work with any subset of your organization that is ideal for you. If your entire company is too large to start, consider your IT and security, marketing team or executive leadership as optimal starting points.

We provide:

  • Keynote presentations
  • Adversarial mindset development workshops and courses
  • Risk mitigation using the Red Team mindset training
  • Field training exercises (team building and stress inoculation)

ACG can help develop and train your own red and blue teams as well, instituting continuous capabilities stress testing so your organization is prepared and confident in the face of today's evolving security landscape.