Tier-one Security Services

In addition to Red Teaming, ACG provides a set of security services designed to bring your organization to the next level of security. Each service works as a stand alone offering, or in tandem to create a full program.


Penetration Testing

Our team of security experts will target your network and information security assets, utilizing advanced tactics and tools, in order to identify vulnerabilities and exploit them in a controlled way. Providing a real-life view of what an adversary may do.

At the end of the engagement, a full report detailing the findings and the practical solutions to remediate them will be provided, and the we will work together with your security and IT teams to bring your security to the next level.

Software Secure Development Lifecycle

ACG will work together with developer teams throughout all phases of the application lifecycle. The team will provide security advice and practical training during the planning, requirements, architecture and design phases. It will work together with the QA and QC teams during the test planning to bring transparent security testing, making the release of the products more robust and secure.

Our experienced developers and security testers will provide a tailored program bringing security awareness to the developers, project managers and team leaders. The result is a more secure product, and a sense of secure ownership across the entire team.

Security Awareness Training

Our team of security experts and instructors provide comprehensive security awareness training. We custom tailor training programs and presentations to best impact your organization's security knowledge and sophistication level.

This particular service will bring every employee to a higher level of awareness about the current security best practices. They'll understand the tactics and techniques used by the attackers, and it will instill a sense of security ownerhip, resulting in a more secure organization overall.