We work with you

Our services are designed to protect you, and your organization. We work together with your leadership to create a robust and resilient program. Your interests are our interests.

From small engagements, to full assessments, we bring experiences from years of being professional adversaries to the table.

We provide four ditinctive services:

  1. Development Programs
  2. High Level Adversarial Assessment
  3. Next Level Red Teaming
  4. Training and Capabilities Building

Development Programs

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Embrace and Apply the Adversarial Mindset

We offer tailored, practical and experience-based presentations, seminars and workshops about the adversarial mindset: how to think like an attacker.

These programs are designed to target all levels of leadership. Our team of experts bring examples rich with real-life experiences - we teach based on our decades of experience, not on theory.

Our work is always tailored to your group. We can work with any subset of your organization. If your entire company is too large to start, consider your IT and security or executive leadership as great starting points.

We provide:

  • Short, rapid development sessions with frontline teams
  • Keynote presentations
  • Adversarial mindset development workshops and courses
  • Risk mitigation using the Red Team mindset training
  • Field training exercises (team building and stress inoculation)
  • Help developing and training your own red and blue teams, instituting continuous capabilities stress testing.

The adversarial mindset delivers a unique approach to view problems, in a way that allows you to be several steps ahead, effectively becoming more resilient and prepared when the adversary attacks or plans underperform.

High Level Adversarial Assessment


Take a Deeper Look at YOUR security

Modern organizations are too complex to really consider everything “secured”. Adversaries know this, and they take their time learning what and who to exploit. Whether a large network, a broad public digital footprint, or your organization spreads across multiple facilities and you need to understand the gaps in physical security, our experts, observe, scan, learn and assess who the potential adversaries are, and how they can exploit the vulnerabilities in your organization.

During these assessments, ACG will study your organization from multiple points of view, performing site surveys and perimeter defense surveillance, will look at your digital security, identifying digital architectural issues, and, if needed, performing a full reconnoissance and vulnerability enumeration. The people's digital footprint and exposure are investigated, and, if requested, employees are assessed for possible malicious activities.

This will be done simulating the activities of adversaries, where they observe and create a profile for attack, gaining a better understanding of the current security measures, locating immediate vulnerabilities and avenues of attack, and identifying the surveillance points and ways to exploit said vulnerabilities. At the end, a practical and actionable report is submitted with immediate actions that can bring security to the next level, and set the initial steps for a more strategic and long term solution to build an even more resilient program.

These assessments can be used to help evaluate and build a full defense in depth perimeter for schools, public places and office buildings, where prevention, monitoring and detection of active shooters, terrorists and other forms of violent adversaries is needed.

NEXT level Red Teaming


We Become Your Worst Case Scenario

A Red Team challenges an organization by mimicking a real life adversary, helping leaders to improve security, and understand - and address - the risks in every aspect of their business.

Adversaries utilize advanced techniques and tools to breach the security controls of your organization, exploiting any and all weaknesses. Often, these vulnerabilities lay unknown until exploited by attackers.

ACG provides advanced-level Red Teaming, where real adversaries seeking to attack your business are researched, and their techniques customized and applied to your organization. A Red Team engagement at this level truly brings to light all the security issues that need to be addressed. Our team of experts can then, work with your leadership to implement solutions and controls to address these vulnerabilities. Success to us is developing a security strategy that makes your organization more proactive and resilient.

During these engagements, the organization’s responders (SOC, CIRT, etc) are also evaluated, as all plans and policies are stress tested.

At the end of the engagement, the ACG team will craft a detailed report recommending immediate remediation actions and technical solutions. We'll also work with your team to implement an ongoing adversarial mindset to take your security to the next level.

Training and Internal Capabilities Building


Jumpstart Your Security Program

Our team will help your organization establish a security operation, where security policies and an information security team can be built to suit the needs of the organization.

ACG can help too with the assessment and management of security assets, crafting and auditing security standards, and controls objectives. This approach will help manage and mitigate overall security risk.

The team can assist in the creation of an incident management program and a disaster recovery plan. These are key aspects of a resilient security program, ensuring business continuity and security readiness.

Finally, ACG can help institute continuous capabilities stress testing in several ways, so your organization is prepared and confident in the face of today's evolving security landscape.