Who Are We

Uri Fridman

Uri is a senior security expert with almost two decades of experience specializing in red teaming, offensive security operations, and digital warfare. He has an extensive background working with Fortune 500 companies, identifying, developing, and testing security processes that reduce organizational risk. He worked as a leading red teamer for one of the best offensive security firms, where he was responsible for researching and penetrating some of the most secure organizations in the world.

Prior to becoming a red teamer, Uri served in the Israeli military.


Due to currently being under a very strict NDA, Redacted will remain on stealth mode until the end of his current engagement.

Redacted is an accomplished security professional with over 15 years of experience supporting USG efforts in engineering defensive and offensive security solutions, performing adversarial based attack modeling, simulation and capability development, CNA/CNE operations, and providing expertise in open source intelligence (OSINT) gathering techniques and analysis.

Jon Gaffney

Jon is a strategist with an intuitive grasp of human behavior.

With over 10 years of experience in agency and in-house settings, he’s worked closely with some of the most recognized consumer brands in the world to better understand and tap into their consumers’ wants, needs, and motivations. He specializes in consumer and brand insights, intelligence, research, and analysis to develop innovative and impactful marketing plans rooted in human psychology and behavioral analysis. Jon applies his diverse background to provide marketing, business development, and social engineering strategy.

The Team

ACG has an extensive network of professional red teamers. From digital security experts with years of experience in the private and government sectors, former special operations personnel specializing in physical security, to SMEs in security best practices, policies and business continuity.

Our team provides a deep level of security services that help bringing your organization to a higher state of security resilience.